Be committed, not attached. But more importantly, know the difference. Kai, Lessons in Life #21 (via organicafe) 228,631 notes
Anonymous: It'll be ok!

Maybeeeee thanks anon

Anonymous: I hope you feel better soon :-)

I hope he gives me a reason to

Anonymous: I believe in u

Thank u gray face ily

I haven’t wanted to die in a long time and tbh I’m not sure if I do now but whatever I feel is really shitty and I don’t have anyone that cares anymore.

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I feel this horrible doomed feeling in my chest, my hearts been pounding since I woke up and idk what’s going on but it needs to stop.

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this hurts so much

Family Ink Tattoo

Neck Deep- Over and over

Neck Deep | Warped Tour // Wantagh, NY | July 12, 2014
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