In 10 or 11 years when she gets the joke, she’s gonna love this photo.

How long do you think it takes a child to learn how to read
I accidentally look like a porn star wtf
1am makeovers with the bestie ya \m/

I fucking hate people that forget about their friends when they start dating. You never get to hang out with me cause you’re busy or working but yet you’re fucking always with her. You’re leaving for college tomorrow, and despite me begging I can’t say goodbye. But you still have time for her.
I understand she’s more important, but I wanted to say goodbye to my best fucking friend.
Fuck you.
Enjoy college.

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EVERYONE GET ON THE GROUND THIS IS A ROBBERY *tries to take pen chained to desk* FUCK

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I think I have chicken pox wtf

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I spent this year as a ghost and I’m not sure what I’m looking for.
So yeah I went on a cruise with my best friend and look at how pretty it was!
Nassau, Bahamas